Don’t let the convenient size fool you – the Nimbus™ 400 is not to be confused with a NAS, but is a full-fledged server, with enterprise-grade components. The Nimbus™ can accept up to a whopping 64 GB of ECC memory, includes USB 3.0 support, comes with IPMI and iKVM standard for reliable remote access to the server, even when it’s powered off, and also includes a provision for a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for accelerated cryptography and hardware-level security. Additionally, the Nimbus™ 400 is offered with the latest Microsoft® Windows® 2012 operating systems, CentOS 7, FreeNAS, and more for the ultimate in versatility.




Advatronix® Systems keeps the environment at the forefront of all our designs, producing some of the most power-efficient servers available without sacrificing performance, and the Nimbus™ is no exception. The Nimbus™ 400 series micro-server includes a provision to upgrade to an 80PLUS® Gold certified power supply for exceptional energy efficiency. Additionally, the latest server version of the Intel® Atom™ processor, standard on all Nimbus™ 400 servers, delivers staggering efficiency: a maximum TDP of 20 watts for the octa-core version.





The Nimbus™ 400 boasts the ideal micro-server form factor, combining a small chassis with full-size capability. The Nimbus™ offers six drive bays, four of which are front loaded and hot-swappable for easy access; these hard drives can be swapped on the fly, without needing to power off the server and open the chassis. With an optional server grade octa-core processor, 64GB of error correcting code memory (ECC RAM) and 24TB of storage capacity, the Nimbus 400™ is a scalable micro-server without compromise.




The Nimbus™ 400 series micro-server is equipped with a server-grade backplane that can handle up to four SAS/SATA HDDs or SSDs, enabling up to 24TB of hot-swappable storage