Cirrus™ 1200


Advatronix® - Cirrus™1200- Innovative Form Factor


The Cirrus™ 1200 is designed to keep the dust where it belongs, outside of its chassis. Dust accumulation on electronic components leads to heat buildup and is the primary cause of premature hardware failure. The Cirrus is the only server on the market today to feature a permanent, reusable, high precision, synthetic mesh filter to prevent dust from entering the server and maintain a clean operation at all time.

The reusable filter uses a convenient magnetic frame, structural to its design, to effortlessly adhere and detach to and from the server for easy maintenance with zero downtime. Best of all, no tools required!


Advatronix® - Cirrus™1200- Channeled Air Flow



One of the major criteria surrounding the design of the Cirrus™ 1200, emphasized by Advatronix® engineers, was high power efficiency and intelligent power management. Therefore, hardware components were strategically selected for being able to maintain very high efficiency while delivering maximum performance. Additionally, intelligent power management was introduced, wherever and whenever possible, to reduce operating cost and minimize environmental impact.







The Cirrus™ 1200 boasts a unique, space saving form factor that is as functional as it is stylish. The multi-tiered, chambered chassis of the Cirrus™ 1200 results in superb thermal characteristics while keeping the unit as compact as possible. Additionally, the front mounted, magnetic filter and easy to access hot-swappable drive bays make serviceability and maintenance a breeze.




Advatronix® - Cirrus™1200- Clean Operation





The innovative design of the Cirrus™ 1200 features channeled airflow for industry-leading heat dissipation and whisper-quiet operation. The multi-tiered layout of the server separates its internal components into diverse semi-isolated heat zones, allowing it to be efficiently cooled by frequency optimized, extremely quiet fans that use large blades and operate at moderate RPM to deliver best in class static pressure and air flow to noise ratio.


Advatronix® - Cirrus™1200- Superb Power Efficiency