About Us


Advatronix® Systems is at the cutting edge of innovative computing server solutions, offering groundbreaking systems for a wide variety of environments including home, SOHO, small business, and enterprise institutions.

At the heart of Advatronix® is our three part philosophy of quality, performance and reliability that we strive to impart into everything we do and every product we build. Advatronix® Servers are designed from the ground up to outperform by delivering outstanding performance and superb reliability. 

Products bearing the Advatronix® badge did not earn it lightly. We impose strict and stringent quality testing on our entire line of products to ensure they adhere to our uncompromising design philosophy and are worthy of the Advatronix® name.

Advatronix® is committed to the environment and exclusively utilizes power efficient hardware and environmentally friendly components to ensure all of our solutions are eco-friendly.

Advatronix® Systems proudly
designs & assembles its servers
in the United States Of America.

Advatronix® Systems proudly